Trail Patrol

Being an active member of the community and participating in ways that improve the health and safety of our community is at the heart of what we stand for at EOTH.  One way in which we promote and live by these values is by volunteering our time as part of the WOD Trail Patrol.  

What is the Trail Patrol?

According to their website, The Trail Patrol draws its membership from every type of Trail user. Any responsible adult of any age and ability who walks, skates, skis, cycles (no matter the number of wheels), or sits, saddled or not, astride any manner of permissible beast is welcome to become a member of FOWOD’s Trail Patrol. 
The three basic responsibilities of a patrol member are:

  • to promote safe use of the Trail
  • to provide information about the Trail to the public
  • to assist Trail users when help is needed

Check them out at 

Why Stephen Joined:

I love cycling, helping others, saying hi to people, and waving whenever I can, so becoming a Trail Patrol member meant a lot to me. It has become a great motivation for me. I mean lets face it, it’s not easy exercising every day especially when the weather is unfavorable. Being a part of TP helped me get on my bike even when I didn’t want to. Now I embrace riding and running in the coldest weather possible, knowing that I could be that difference maker or that motivation someone else needs.

I want trail users to know that we are out there protecting our own, those who have bonked out to know where the next pit stop is and that I may even have an energy bar for them. Sometimes all people need to know is that someone out there is suffering just as much as they are but with a smile. I can actually see them perk up when I go by waving and smiling. So do yourself a favor, become part of the team of people interested in health, wellness and community awareness.

Why Stephanie Joined:

As a runner and a lover of the WOD it was really a no-brainer for me.  I typically run alone so knowing there were people looking out for us in their yellow vests and big smiles always made an impact on me.  I enjoyed feeling like there was someone out there looking out for our little community of runners, bikers, dog walkers, and trail-lovers.    

When Stephen informed me that the Trail Patrol was a volunteer organization and was always welcoming new additions, I immediately signed up.  What I found along the way was a group of people dedicated to trail safety, health, wellness, and their community.  I felt right at home and glad to be a part of it.

I strongly encourage any active user of the WOD to check out the Trail Patrol link and see how they can become a part of a great volunteer organization.   

Trail Patrol