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Our Charities

Our Charities

When you work with an EOTH vendor, you're not only getting great service at a great price, you're benefiting your community.  Below are the non-profits and not-for-profits that we love. Thank you for supporting EOTH and our 501c3 and 501c6 partner organizations.  Below are just a few of the non-profits we have worked with to make our community a better place for everyone.


EOTH is proud to support Recycle Life, a charity organization that raises awareness about the importance of organ donation and supports people going through the transplant process.  Recycle Life hosts local 5k's and music events to spread their message throughout the community.  Check them out at http://RecycleLife.org.


The Kirra Faith Foundation was created to help support families who experience the tragedy of losing a baby and we strive to help them L.I.V.E. again. Our mission is to offer support and resources, while helping to instill faith back into their lives. We want to provide a safe place in which to validate the grieving process and honor the story of each precious angel. Eventually, we hope to forge new paths together that will help us evolve and transform immense pain into growth.


Arts Herndon is an independent 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization and serves as the official arts agency of the Town of Herndon. We operate ArtSpace Herndon, the Art Gallery and Performance Space at 750 Center Street, Herndon. We also provide arts education, arts scholarships, works of public art and grants to small arts organizations and artists. https://www.artspaceherndon.org/ 


The Save The Sheepdog Foundation was created by a group of military veterans and current/former first responders out of frustration. We all had grown tired of hearing, all too often, that another veteran, law enforcement officer, firefighter or EMS personnel had committed suicide. All of us had friends, or friends of friends, that had taken their own life. We decided to take action. We are building a research and therapy center that will bring together professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, with a common focus, that is finding real solutions to this epidemic. There are at least 30 Sheepdogs committing suicide each day in the United States. We want to make that number 0, but if we only save 1, then it is all worth it.


The Herndon Environmental Network (HEN), active since 2012, was founded by a small group of Herndon-area residents concerned about environmental issues. We work to bring awareness of environment through education, initiatives, and advocacy in the Herndon area. We welcome your involvement!  Our mission is to establish a presence in the community and give a voice to vitally important issues affecting the world around us and our impact on it. We believe a cleaner, healthier Earth starts at home through local initiatives, education, and advocacy. Community partners, volunteers, and members are crucial as we continue to expand our group and implement local projects. HEN is a volunteer-run, volunteer-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 



Casual and relaxed events for people who are into the tabletop hobby or interested learning about it. Staffers will demo, teach, and guide, so come play!

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The Trail Patrol, which operates under the sponsorship of the FOWOD, draws its membership from every group of Trail user. Any responsible adult of any age and ability who walks, skates, skis, cycles (no matter the number of wheels), or sits, saddled or not, astride any manner of permissible beast is welcome to become a member of FOWOD’s Trail Patrol. Volunteers may choose either simply to patrol or to become part of the management — or both. Even a small contribution of your flexibly arranged time will be helpful, and the experience should be both rewarding and fun.

Learn more here: http://www.wodfriends.org/about/trail-patrol/


Contact us at (571) 293-6846 or EOTH@eotherize.com to find out how to get your charity involved with EOTH


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