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At the heart of EOTH is our desire to bring together charities, businesses, and community members

Do you and your business want to get involved with the community or help non-profits with donations or volunteer hours but don't have the time to coordinate it all? Do you want to throw an event at your business and support a local non-profit while getting your name out there to the community? Do you work for a non-profit that needs a little support to get their word out, raise funds, or find volunteers?

 EOTH can help by...

  • Researching charities that fit your company's donation policy

  • Acting as liaison between companies and non-profits to establish wants/needs of and how both can support each other’s goals

  • Planning, designing, and coordinating events for your business or non-profit

  • Listing your company on EOTH's website and incorporating  you into our network of local businesses, community members, and non-profits

 EOTH Network Benefits

  • Incorporation into EOTH website and calendar of events

  • Access to EOTH’s network of non-profits

  • Access to EOTH’s network of partnered businesses for relevant referrals

  • Reciprocal social network staring and sharing.  EOTH social media accounts will interact with yours via likes, shares, comments, etc.

  • Recognition in the greater Fairfax area and on EOTH’s website as a business that gives back to charity and the community.

  • Guaranteed paid participation or discounted sponsorship opportunity in one EOTH event per year

  • Discounted rates on all EOTH services

  • A portion of all EOTH fees are donated to our partner non-profits and we ask that all EOTH network business donate one gift certificate per year to a partner non-profit or non-profit of business’ choice

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